biomass sawdust burner

Intorduction of Biomass Sawdust Burner
This kind of biomass multifunction pyrolysis burner can convert various kinds of recyclable agriculture wastes, like crop straws, stalks, forest wastes, like wood roots, wood chips, wood branches and leaves, and other scraps from the timber factories into highly efficient heat supply source for blast heaters, boilers and other factories which needs the qualified and continuous heating supply.

Photoes of biomass burner:

biomass sawdust burner
wood sawdust burner

Technical Parameters:

Conveyor &
blending motor power
Feeding motor power
Air fan motor power
Size of fuel bin(φ*H)
Size of main burner
Sawdust cost
Coal cost
Diesel oil cost
Heating value
HQ-LJ0.5 1.5+3 1.5+1.5 1.5 800*2000 1800*900*1400 70 65 30 300000
HQ-LJ1.0 1.5+3 1.5+3 1.5 800*2000 2400*2200*1550 155 140 60 600000
HQ-LJ1.5 1.5+3 1.5+3 1.5+3 1000*2400 2400*2400*1800 230 210 90 900000
HQ-LJ2.0 1.5+3 1.5+3 1.5+3 1000*2400 2400*2400*2000 310 280 120 1200000
HQ-LJ3.0 1.5+3 1.5+4 3+4 1200*2400 2600*2500*2200 460 415 180 1800000
HQ-LJ4.0 1.5+3 1.5+5.5 3+4 1200*2400 2600*2600*2400 600 540 240 2400000
HQ-LJ6.0 3+4 1.5+7.5 3+5.5 1500*3000 2500*2700*2300 1000 900 360 3600000
HQ-LJ7.0 4+3 1.5+11 3+5.5 1500*3000 2800*2600*2400 1100 1000 420 4200000
HQ-LJ8.0 5.5+5.5 1.5+11 3+5.5 1500*3000 3000*2600*2600 1200 1100 480 4800000
HQ-LJ10.0 5.5+5.5 1.5+15 4+7.5 1500*3000 3200*2800*2800 1500 1350 600 6000000

The output temperature from the biomass/sawdust burner can reach to 1300 ℃, and no toxic gases and low dust emission when it is burning. Comparing with the traditional limited resources, coal, oil, gas, the burner can save sum of costs and be more environment friendly.

Characteristics of Equipment

  • Wide application scopes: Suitable for kinds of organic spray drying equipments, large-scale farming factories, cereal and food drying, tobacco drying, various kinds of large, medium, small workshops, greenhouse heating and etc.
  • Convenient connection: It can be connected directly with the interface of furnace without any change for the original furnace;
  • User-friendly design: small compact equipment, flexible motion with the casters equipped at the bottom, and easy maintenance. 
  • Energy-saving: It only consumes one third of the traditional fuel coal, oil, gas;
  • Environment-friendly: No toxic gas, waste water and waste residue emissions;
  • Small footprint machine, one person is on duty, automatically operation, safety and efficiency.
  • Long service time: No SO2, CO2 and other toxic gas emissions, no corrosion to boiler, the life can extend more than 3 years.
  • Vortex design, multilevel whirlwind increasing oxygen, heating value can up to 95%, temperature up to 800-1300°C.

With the fast development steps of the human society, the demands and dependency to the energy have been increasing rapidly yearly, meanwhile the amount of the non-renewable energy resources like coal, oil, gas are decreasing shockingly and the environment pollution caused by the immoderately using of the fossil energy is increasingly aggravating.

Nevertheless, the heating value of the renewable energy resources like, agro wastes cotton stalks, cotton straw, peanut shell, rice husks, and saw dust, wood chips are ignored by us. Now the biomass burner has penetrated into all aspects of production and social life, the wastes are inevitable result of consuming resources. They also have a certain utility value. If we can use it effectively, it can save energy, purify environment, be of great social significance.