Wood Pellet Plant SPM420 in Malaysia

Nowadays almost all the wood pellets from Malaysia are delivered to South Korea for power plant combustion.
Wood industry here provide lots of wood waste which are best raw materials for pellet projects. Many factories here take the advantages of the waste, they can use the pellet to provide electric for their own factory ,or export to other countries. Since the year of 2007, SIMEC has setted up R&D center in Shaw Alam, Selangor. We made pelleting tests from various kinds of wood material and palm EFB as well to collect experiment data and confirm the best compress rates of ring dies for each material.
Such research guarantees the reliability and professionalism of SIMEC pellet mills. 
Wood Pellet Plant in Malaysia
This pellet project is located in Sabar, Malaysia. Raw materials including jadi, teak and meranti wood.
The plant consists of hammer mill, sawdust sifter, 4 sets of SPM420 pellet mills, cooler, pellet sifter and electric control system.