Wood Pellet Mill SPM350 Installed In Saint Petersburg,Russia

The pellet mill plant was installed in the year of 2013,located in Saint Petersburg,Russia.
The raw material are pinewood slabs,chips,sawdust.The plant includes wood chipper,hammer 
mill,pellet mill,cooler,sifter,bagger,etc.Now the plant produce diameter 6mm wood pellets
sold to local stove users.The project will be expanded in the year of 2014.SIMEC will still 
be the supplier of new projects.
Please see some pictures of the pellet plants.
Pellet Machine And Technician
SIMEC Technician And Pellet Mill
Raw Material Wood Slabs
Raw Material
Wood Pellet Mill
Wood Pellet Mill SPM350
Ring Die
Ring Die And Rollers
Moisture Adding Device
Moisture Adding Device On Conditioner