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Wood Hammer Mill

By:Mr Evan Wang
Position:Managing Director
Mar 10, 2022
MFSP140 series wood hammer mill is designed to grind a variety of woody wastes and other biomasses with large sizes, such as wood chips, chopped barks & branches, shredded roots, wood blocks, chipped wood slabs, corn cob, chopped paddy straw and cotton stalk, shredded palm EFB fiber, shredded old palm trunk, sugarcane bagasse, and so on.

MFSP140 wood hammer mill adopts steel plate welded structure. Electric motor and milling rotor are installed on the same base and directly connected by coupling. The milling rotor is checked by high precision dynamic balance. The top-open feeding inlet matches with dilated feeding belt conveyor. The milling hammers are arranged symmetrically.
MSFP140 wood hammer mill features compact structure, high grinding efficiency, sturdy and durable production, safe and reliable operation and easy maintenance.

Main Features:
  • SKF BEARINGS for milling rotor, including AUTOMATIC BEARING COOLING SYSTEM by circulating coolant liquid. Reduce maintain consumption but increase the service life of bearings.
  • SIEMENS standard motor. Multiple milling chamber design. DIAMETER 1400 MM milling rotor, WIDTH 400 to 1600 MM milling chamber.
  • Specially designed multi stage material discharging system to ensure large output capacity and reduce power consumption;
  • Reinforced and welded as a whole pedestal plus the uniquely designed damper results stable operation;
  • Specially designed fast open slide gates to change screen and to inspect inside status;
  • Double sound-proof layers on the slide gates lead to 90~95 decibel low operation noise;
  • Ingeniously hammer fixing groove results quick hammer replacement;
  • Split design reduces maintenance cost of screens;
  • Milling rotor lifting device to benefit maintenance on bearings, hammers, etc.
  • High efficient dust collection system ensures clean emission;
Running Video of Wood Hammer Mill:

Technical Parameters:
Model MFSP140x40 MFSP140x80 MFSP140x120 MFSP140x160
Rotor Diameter (mm) 1400 1400 1400 1400
Milling Chamber Width (mm) 400 800 1200 1600
Speed of Main Shaft (rpm) 1480 1480 1480 1480
Hammer Line Speed (m/s) 108 108 108 108
Hammer Amount 48 96 144 192
Power (kW) 75/90 110/132 160/185 200/250
Capacity (t/h) 2.5~3.5 4~6 6~8 10~13
Bearing Model  2317 2317 2317 2317
Screen Size 1500*390
(2 pcs)
(4 pcs)
(6 pcs)
(8 pcs)
Length (mm) 2784 2060 3196 3920
Width (mm) 2010 2010 2010 2010
Height (mm) 2220 2220 2220 2220
Note: The capacity data is based on the following conditions. Raw material: moisture content not higher than 17%; Bulk density not less than 0.4 t/m3; Screen size φ10*14 mm;Size of feeding material is suggested to be smaller than 5 cm, otherwise the output will decrease.

Technical documents download available:
Brochure of Wood Hammer Mill
Schematic Drawing of MFSP140x120 Model

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