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Drum Chipper

By:Ms Season Tian
Dec 12, 2018
Drum wood chipper (new model) is a kind of special equipment for wood chipping. Widely used in shaving board, chipboard and paper mills and other industrial production.
wood logs
Feedstock: wood logs,branches,wastes,etc.
wood chips
Wood chips: size and thickness adjustable
This kind of machine is mainly used to chip wood logs, wood cutting remains (wood branching tree stumps, branches, etc.) and waste material from wood working industry (slab, lath, logs core and waste veneer, etc). Wood chip size is adjustable upon clients’ requirements. It can also cut non-wood materials, like sugar cane, bulrush,gross bamboo and so on.

Photos of the drum chippers:
BX series drum chipper
BX series drum chipper

Technical Parameters:
Type BX213 BX215 BX216 BX218
Knife number 2 2 2 2
Inlet dimension(mm) 120×300 160×400 240×540 240×680
MAX Diameter of
 feeded wood(mm)
90 160 220 240
Length of Finished product(mm) 25 30 30 22 30 22
capacity(cubic meter/hour) 3 4-5 10 15-20
Main engine(kw) 30 45 55 110

SIMEC has more large scale heavy duty wood chippers, which can chip larger wood logs or trunks in diameter above 450 mm till up to 700 mm.
SIMEC drum wood chippers are of advanced structure, high quality material, wide adaptability of raw materials, simple operation and maintenance.
The drum wood chipper can chip various kinds of  wood materials into small even sizes of wood chips. Raw material can be wood logs, wood branches, waste wood or artificial boards, and other non-wood panel, etc.
The wood chipper consists of base, knife roller, feeding rollers, belt conveyor and hydraulic system. The main body is welded by the high strengthen steel plate. 2, 3 or 4 pcs of knives would be installed on the knife roller according to the clients’ requirements for the output size of the wood chips. The knives are made of high strengthen alloy steel forge piece. Adopted with the hydraulic system, the feeding of large size raw material is smooth and secure.
With strong and reasonable structure, plus the durable knives, the SIMEC BX drum wood chippers are guaranteed for heavy duty operation.

Photos of large scale drum chippers:

BX2113 Drum Chipper
BX2113D Drum Chipper
BX2116 Drum Chipper
Technical Parameters of large scale drum chippers:
Type BX2113 BX2113D BX2116
Knife number 3 2*3 4*2
Inlet dimension(mm) 450*700 450*1000 600*1250
MAX Diameter of
 feeded wood(mm)
450 450 600
Length of Finished product(mm) 38 38 30
Capacity 15-30 t/h 25-40 t/h 185 M3/h
Main engine(kw) 200 315 400
Weight (kg) 11840 16800 32000
Overall Sizes (mm) 3670*2517*2050 3670*2817*2050 4360*3150*2200
Feature of drum chipper :
  • Specially designed for round logs, wood slabs, square blocks, wood staff, offcuts.
  • Automatic raw material feeding and continuous chipping technology. 
Advantages of drum chipper :
  • Easy operation
  • Simple maintenance at low cost
  • Long working life and low noise
  • Drum chipper would be the best choice for chipping wood raw materials.

Operation Video: