Automatic Biomass Pellet Burner Installed in Malaysia

Driven by Japanese market, many new projects are being developed for the production of palm EFB pellets. Supply of palm based biomass materials is legal and sustainable. High quality palm EFB pellets can be produced through state of the art technology.
In January 2021, SIMEC innovative SAPB1500 pellet burner was installed in Malaysia. The burner is designed to use biomass pellets as fuel and generate heat for the drying section of palm EFB pellet project.
The SAPB1500 pellet burner is available with up to 1500 kW/hour (5GJ/hour) thermal output, catering to the heat demand for drying system. The flame goes into a site-prepared combustion chamber to generate hot air which will be cleaned by a ceramic multi-tube filter tailored by SIMEC.
The hot gas generator offers up to 95% thermal efficiency and consumes 30% less energy comparing with conventional system. SIMEC furnished pellet silo (1.5 m³), a couple of pellet feeders, pellet burner, ash discharger, control cabinet, sliding rail steel seat, smart controller and ceramic multi-tube filter.
Thanks to the intelligent controller, fully automatic operation is well assured. Pellet burner is regulated to run in an optimum thermal condition at minimum fuel consumption. Clear and logical menu setting in the controller makes it easy to understand and operate.
Biomass pellet burner is capable of producing stable heat source with substantially reduced carbon emission and operating costs. It is adaptable to most of the industrial boilers and kiln.
Without major modification, pellet burner can replace of gas/oil fired burner, completing the transformation from fossil energy to biomass energy.

SIMEC pellet burner features the following advantages:
  • Automatic & smart operation;
  • Fast ignition & stable flame;
  • High thermal efficiency;
  • Automatic ash discharge system;
  • Advanced refractory material;
  • Combustion chamber equipped with water cooling system;
  • Robust and reliable.

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