Biomass Pellet Equipment

SPM650 Biomass Pellet Mill

By:Ms Season Tian
Dec 18, 2015
SIMEC SPM650 biomass pellet machine is technically optimized for applying to biofuel industry by adopting single motor two-stage reduction driving system which ensures wide adjustable linear speed and more stable and reliable operation.
The pelleting chamber door, feeder and conditioner are made of stainless steel. Interlocked roller adjusting system provides fast and reliable adjustment of clearance between rollers and die. Pneumatic quick-dump bypass, overload protection shear pin, die and roller hoist device strongly furnish the users safe operation.
SPM650 Biomass Pellet Mill

Technical data:
Pellet Mill type SPM650
Ring Die Inside Diameter 650 MM
Capacity 2.5-3.0 TPH
Roller Quantity 2 PCS
Roller Diameter 295MM
Main Motor Power 200 KW
Conditioner Motor Power 7.5 KW
Screw Feeder Motor Power 3KW  Frequency Conversion Speed Control
Innovative Roller Bearing Temperature Detecting & Protection System
Roller Bearing Temperature Detector
Automatic Lubrication System

  • Single motor two-stage reduction driving system;
  • synchronized tooth belt driving system will avoid belt slipping;
  • Frequency control timing feeder, operation security system;
  • Automatic roller bearings temperature detecting and protection system; The innovation will prevent the roller bearings from broken and increase the life span.
  • Strong magnetic separator installation, iron impurity can be removed efficiently;
  • Force feeding system, water adding system and lost speed detection devices are optional;
  • The ring die hoist system can reduce the labor intensity during changing the ring die;
  • Automatic lubrication system, which can enlarge the service life of the rollers;
  • Main shaft and hollow shaft made of high quality forging part, CNC high precision machining, SKF bearings;
  • Automatic Anti-overload Protection system and automatic pneumatic emergency dump device .