SPM420 Wood Pellet Mill In Montenegro

This plant was installed in 2013,located in Montenegro,Europe.
Designed output of the pellet plant is 1 tons/hour.It adopts SPM420 wood pellet mill.
It includes hammer mill,drum dryer,pellet mill,cooler,sifter,pellet bagging machine,etc.Raw material of this project is pinewood chips,sawdust,etc.
Pellet Mill And Pellet Cooler
Pellet Mill SPM420 And Pellet Cooler
Sawdust Sieve
Sawdust Sieve
Hammer Mill
Hammer Crusher
Rotary Dryer
Rotary Dryer Before Installation
Hot Air Stove
Hot Air Stove
Drum Dryer
Drum Dryer Frontview
Rotary Drum Dryer
Rotary Drum Dryer
Pellet Plant And Pelletizer
Pellet Plant And Pellet Mill SPM420
Pellet Bagging Machine
Pellet Bagging Machine
Electric Control Cabinet
MCC Control Cabinets
Wood Pellets

Final Wood Pellets