BX series drum chipper

Drum wood chipper (new model) is a kind of special equipment for wood chipping. Widely used in shaving board, chipboard and paper mills and other industrial production.
wood logs
Feedstock: wood logs,branches,wastes,etc.
wood chips
Processed products,the size and thickness can be adjusted

This kind of machine is mainly to chip small diameter wood, wood cutting remains (wood branching tree stumps, branches, etc.) and wood processing of raw material (slab, lath, logs core and waste veneer, etc) into 1X1 cm little wood chips for the next crushing system. It also can cut the non-wood materias, like sugar cane, bulrush,gross bamboo and so on.

Photoes of the drum chippers:
BX series drum chipper
BX series drum chipper
BX series drum chipper

Technical Parameters:
Type BX213 BX215 BX216 BX218
Knife number 2 2 2 2
Inlet dimension(mm) 120×300 160×400 240×540 240×680
MAX Diameter of
 feeded wood(mm)
90 160 220 240
Length of Finished product(mm) 25 30 30 22 30 22
capacity(cubic meter/hour) 3 4-5 10 15-20
Main engine(kw) 30 45 55 110

Feature of drum chipper :
  • Specially designed for round logs, square blocks, wood staff, wood pieces and chips.
  •  Widely raw materials can be any moisture and any shape.
Advantages of drum chipper :
  • Easy operation
  • Low and simple maintenance
  • Long working life and low noisy
  •  Wood chipper would be the best choice for dealing with wood scraps.